Amongst our stable is Lancashire’s wonderful West Tower, once home to the Holt family, owners of one of the great British shipping companies – the Blue Funnel Line.

With a mix of commercial derring-do and a fair dollop of gumption, these folk built a business that spanned the globe and reinforced the might of Britain’s empire.

The Holts were vital to our war effort, lending the nation their entire fleet during both world wars, keeping export markets alive whilst delivering supplies, munitions and troops across submarine-infested waters. They lost 16 ships in the First World War and 30 in the Second. The family and their brave crews played a key role in keeping Britain afloat during those dark days.

In spite of these tribulations the Holts remained an enlightened bunch and were the world’s first shipping line to employ female engineers and, latterly, deckhands, who served aboard throughout the Second World War – notably the famous Victoria Drummond, engineer on the Perseus.

This fine golden ale is in honour of those doughty lasses without whom we would not be the free and sovereign nation we are today. We doff our caps to them and to the Holts – thank you all, for we never forget the debt we owe you.

A refreshing golden ale with a fresh floral and pine aroma and a citrus hop finish.

Named in honour of our head brewer, a man whose dedication to the perfect pint should surely earn him a place in the Brewers’ Hall of Fame, were such a thing to exist. Come to think of it, we might well insist that it does – and you’ll see why, once you’ve savoured this most magnificent of beers.

An amber-coloured, hearty bitter for the connoisseur, Anderson reflects the great British tradition of robust, malty beers designed to be savoured.

So, pull up a stool, crank up the crossword or seek out the sports pages and you’ll find that Mr Anderson makes the perfect companion.

A traditional bitter with a dark berry aroma and a caramel finish.

On the gentle slopes of Clieves Hills, looking west out to sea across the great port of Liverpool, the finest barley ripens in the warm Lancashire sun. And we snaffle as much as we possibly can, sending it for roasting to create this outstanding ruby-coloured porter.

Inspired by the Irish dockers whose labours serviced the port we see in the distance from our famous West Tower property, this creamy, delightfully bitter confection carries with it all the personality you’d expect of a pint bestowed with the name Liverpool.

Insist on your barman taking his time to pour it. Watch it settle and let your eyes feast on this thing of beauty – then quaff heartily and toast the brewer’s craft that brought it to your lips.

A rich ruby ale offering a smokey aroma with an initial bitterness and a long, burnt toffee and citrus finish.

Guardsman 1650

This fine craft lager is in honour of the Coldstream Guards, the oldest regiment in the British Army, founded in 1650 to fight in the English Civil War. Just two weeks in and this feisty bunch had played a decisive role in the Battle of Dunbar, and a legend was born. To this day the regiment continues to serve our nation with distinction.

We pay all our beers great respect, but none more so than this, for obvious reasons. The very finest hops, best suited to a crisp and flavoursome craft lager like this, have been chosen to do their bit – Brewer’s Gold (GB), Manderina (D) and Lubelskji (PL). If you quaff heartily you’ll be doing yours, too.

A light, refreshing golden lager with a cereal hop aroma and citrus fruit flavour.

Knockout Blonde Ale

This beautiful Blonde Ale is brewed using two very distinctive and much sought after hops, Nelson Sauvin (NZ) and Chinook (USA).

A full flavoured, thirst quenching blonde ale with a light bitterness, prominent citrus aroma and subtle grapefruit finish.



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