It’s very simple: we love beer and have been known to shift the odd pint or two. And like many northern lads, we have a strong sense of what constitutes a decent pint.

And so we did what all passionate folk do: we stopped talking and started doing. Hours and hours of happy research, training, arguing the toss and much more has got us to where we are now – with a little help from our friends (cheers, Richard and David, in particular).

Windmill Brewery, therefore, is the result. The very embodiment of how passionate beer drinkers can create the perfect pint.

It’s been thirsty work, believe us, but the months of test brewing have been worth it: four distinctive brews of which we are inordinately proud. A brewery tap down on the farm and an altogether posher version at our namesake pub, The Windmill, in Parbold Village.

And then there’s you, our happy customers, quaffing away and never afraid to tell us what’s what. Couldn’t do it without you. And as so many of you have asked, here are the basics:

  • Brewery kit manufactured in Fort William by Oban Ales and installed under the watchful eye of our brewery consultant David Smith.
  • Water cold filtered through the shales and sandstones of Rivington in the western Pennines
  • Hops varieties include Bramlington Cross and Pilgrim from Kent, Centennial from America and Poland’s legendary Sybilla.
  • We use only the finest English barley. We use a strain of the amazingly versatile Nottingham Ale Yeast, plus home-brewers’ favourite S04.


Jon Pilling,
Head Brewer

Jon Pilling is our new Head Brewer at The Windmill Brewery.

He has been at the mash tun for the last 29 years, heading up his own his own brewery for eight of those.

Along the way Jon has won numerous awards for his beers as well as being featured in books and had the honour of brewing for HRH Prince Charles.

He’s a real beer aficionado and visited countless breweries and beer festivals throughout the world.

Jon has brewed many styles of beers with differing strengths, colour and tastes – and we’re privileged to have him here at The Windmill Brewery.

He is currently busy working on some new beers to complement the Windmill Brewery’s core range.

Paul Bolton,

Paul began his career with Wimpey as a house-builder and civil engineer before having the gumption to establish his own firm, which he sold to a PLC back in the day. Builders always need their thirst quenching so it’s fair to say he’s had a yen for a decent brew for, shall we say, quite a few years.

Anyway, Paul’s career saw him move into hotel development, delivering major hotels across Great Britain under brands like Holiday Inn and Indigo and, ultimately, taking a keen interest in the operational side of the business. He sold the development business and has since concentrated on running the prestigious West Tower wedding venue in Aughton, West Lancashire and, of course, our very own Windmill pub in Parbold.

Paul is the driving force behind Windmill Brewery, a man whose passion for the perfect pint has seen him tour the length and breadth of our great nation quaffing pints and taking notes. The results, we hope you agree, are worth the wait.